Way of Life

Directed by David Driver

USA / 2012 / 75 mins

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Spanning more than a decade, Way of Life traverses the world to illustrate how a single altruistic gesture can evolve into a richly satisfying way of life. The narrative follows the extraordinary journey of Michael Daube, a young artist of modest means from small-town America who finds a valuable piece of art while searching through an abandoned warehouse. He sells it at auction and with the proceeds builds a hospital in one of the most remote areas of India.
Following Daube’s path through India, Nepal, Mexico and the US, the film focuses on the extraordinary aspects of his continued philanthropic work with hospitals, schools and similar international aid projects. With intimate and moving camerawork, the film interweaves moments of this incredible journey to illustrate how his simple, ground-level approach to working with marginalized communities transforms the lives of those involved. Ultimately, Way of Life explores these relationships between creativity, life’s work and personal happiness in a way that inspire us to consider and appreciate our own best intentions.

Dates & Times

Way of Life

9th Street Independent Film Center
May 2, 2015 2:45 pm