The Refugees of Shangri-La

Directed by Doria Bramante & Markus Weinfurter

Bhutan, Nepal / 2014 / 56 mins

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The Refugees of Shangri-La reveals the tragic plight of the 107,000 refugees from the most unlikely of places. The Kingdom of Bhutan, creators of Gross National Happiness, and revered by many as ‘the last Shangri la’ has created the largest number of refugees in relationship to it population in history.

Today, for the first time, we hear the stories of the refugees as they recount their happy lives in Bhutan, their painful eviction, the twenty long years of struggle, living life as a refugee in Nepal and, finally, their decision to brave a new course and seek a future in a place called America.

The film follows a population from the remote corners of the world as they pack up for a journey that will scatter them across the sea into the buzz of a foreign civilization. But, even amidst their traumatic past, we bear witness to the immigrant’s tale as the Bhutanese take on each new trial with hope, determination, and an enduring smile.

Today, America has resettled over 80,000 Bhutanese Refugees. Thousands more have moved to countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and so on… This is the story of our new neighbors… The Refugees of Shangri La

Director's Bio

Doria Bramante- Director and Producer of The Refugees of Shangri La. A
graduate of New York University and an award winning theater artist.
She has been following the Bhutanese from camp to her home town in
America for the past six years. She serves as a board member for the
International Campaign for Human Rights in Bhutan and has been an
active supporter of the Bhutanese Community in America since 2008.

Markus Weinfurter- Director and Producer of The Refugees of Shangri
La. Filmmaker, political scientist, theater artist, humanitarian.
Markus has traveled the world telling stories that champion the human
spirit. Being a descendent of refugees himself, his four years working
with the Bhutanese has been an especially important experience.

Dates & Times

The Refugees of Shangri-La

9th Street Independent Film Center
May 2, 2015 4:45 pm