Himalayan Film Festival

Bal Krishna Sama - Untold Story

Directed by Dinesh Palpali

Nepal / 2012 / 71 mins / Nepali with English subtitles

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The  story  follows  a  little  boy,  Krishna,  who  experiences  the  hardships  of  contemporary  caste  discrimination in his daily life, leading him to take a dramatic decision.

Sama in Nepali means equal. This fiction drama is named after the famous Nepali playwright Bal Krishna Sama, who gave up his elite caste name Shumshere Jung Bahadur Rana and started using

Sama as his last name.

Entirely filmed in the beautiful hilly region of Far Western Nepal, the film focuses on the life of Krishna, a sweet, bright and curious Dalit (untouchable) boy. “Bal Krishna Sama, Untold Story” illustrates that in spite of laws prohibiting caste discrimination which were enacted following the end of the conflict in Nepal, caste discrimination is still very prevalent, particularly in rural and remote areas, but in a new and more subtle way.

The story follows a little boy, Krishna, who experiences the hardships of contemporary caste discrimination in his daily life. Following a particularly painful episode he has to come to terms with the heinous practice of untouchability that changes the course of his life in his search for his own identity .

Dates & Times

Bal Krishna Sama

Live Oak Theatre @ The Himalayan Fair
May 17, 2014 12:00 pm