Himalayan Film Festival


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    Posted May 12th, 2014 by justinbarker in Blog

    Himalayan Film Festival The Himalayan Film Festival, in its second year, takes off this Friday in San Francisco at the Ninth Street Independent Film Center. The opening night feature is Kamlahari, a film from Nepal making its West Coast debut on Friday. Opening night also includes dinner from Curry without Worry. In this region of Nepal, […]

  2. Why Himalayan Film Festival?

    Posted May 7th, 2014 by justinbarker in Blog

    There are many stories that are yet to be told. Then there are some that are told and yet unheard, or unheard by in the global spectrum. And that’s true for most stories from this part of the world. Especially movies depicting real life stories and social issues. Himalayan film festival was conceived with an […]